Monday, July 30, 2012

 NOTD: Last Friday Night..... Katy Perry ;)

Left Hand 
                                                     Right Hand

To start off if your wondering why I only put half a one on my nail its because I didn't want to peel off my cheetah print nail polish I had on underneath it and thought half would be less of a risk. I got Last Friday Night by OPI its a really light blue I had to put 3 coats on but by the 2nd coat you can start to see the blue. On my left hand one of my nails broke (boo :/ ) and was too short to put a tip on so I just "stamped" a blue cheetah print on it. I did the same to my right hand but I am not sure if I like it as much.  The hole correcter stickers didn't peel the paint off my nail  which i was very happy about. I got my nail polish at Target but you can find more OPI at Ulta :)

                                                Love Katy Perry btw :))