Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every day makeup <3  

 (left to right)

 1.Spray bottle face primer Victoria Secret $12.00 I believe.

2. Eyeliner Mary Kay  in black $12.00

3. Mineral infused face primer E.L.F Target $6.00

4. Foundation Mary Kay in beige 304 $15.00

5. Mascara Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Target $5.00

6. (front blush) Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush Target $9.00




 I love the Sonia blush. It's a creme blush so it goes on smooth and lasts all day. It may seem pricey but its  worth the money because you only need a little bit so the blush itself lasts a long time.(I know the top 1 is a little bright)

I've been using the Maybelline mascara for quite some time. I was using Mary Kay for a really long time but,then I ran out and couldn't wait to order more so I decided to try Maybelline. I haven't switched back because I love it way too much it really opens my eyes and its so easy to work with it doesn't clump or run easy. If you play it up right it really does look like your wearing fake eyelashes which is the best part :) 

I've been using Mary Kay eye liner for awhile. I like it because it goes on easy and doesn't run through out the day.







I don't have a picture of the primers in action. I just started using the E.l.f. 1 and it works really good.I mix the foundation and primer together instead of separate.At first I was afraid it was too greasy  but then when I blended it in more it made my skin really soft and my foundation flawless it also doesn't make you break out which is a great balance. I use the spray primer for my eyes when I wear glitter to help it to stick I am not too sure about it though I am not completely satisfied with it but it works pretty good.

(I'll be blogging about the earrings I am wearing in the blush picture in a few days and also what I got for my bday :) )


  1. I love the maybelline falsies mascara. it is my favourite!

  2. the falsies look amazing on you but the formila dont work for me :(

  3. Have you tired curling your eyelashes before? That's what I do :)